So what can you expect from our team?  Honest, highly driven, positive, and skilled at their craft.  Our team members are constantly learning, upgrading their education, and helping each other reach their potential.  There is no competition, except with themselves. This makes for a great team environment and leaves room for each member to realize their goals and work towards new ones.

Our clients always have wonderful things to say about our team and often are sad to see them go at the end of a project!  We love to keep in touch and always make the time to visit or drop by to lend a helping hand.  

"Wesgrove is built of strong, hardworking people who are driven to serve our clients and enjoy creating beautiful things.  It is an honour to watch this company grow in to something bigger than anything I could have hoped for."


A company is only as strong as its team, and we are fortunate to have such an incredible one.  When starting Wesgrove, our number one priority was our team.  We could not properly serve our clients or master our craft without solid, hardworking, and motivated individuals.  As a business owner, you cannot be on-site to over see every detail, so trust in your team is key.  I am happy to say that our team has surpassed my expectations.

Looking to the future we plan to slowly, but exponentially, expand our team to better serve our community and clients.  We are always interested in talking to new people who may be interested in joining our team. If you believe you share our vision and thrive in a fast paced environment, then reach out! We'd love to hear from you.

- Jason Mitchell, President

We Value Quality.


Quality in our team, our craft, and our product. 

We hire only the best in the industry so we can be confident
that our product is the best in the industry.  

wes / west coast, seasoned and strong, a sense of direction

grove / a group of trees planted closely together, a collection, a shelter

Why Wesgrove?



Having worked in the construction and residential home industry for over a decade, Jason struggled to find a company that shared his ethics, vision, and quality of craft - so he created his own, Wesgrove Homes Inc.

He is a Red Seal certified carpenter and is currently working towards his Gold Seal certification.  In addition to this, he has his Construction Operations Associates Certificate from BCIT.

He truly enjoys being a business owner and building Wesgrove Homes has become his largest passion.  When he isn't in the office, you can find him kayaking in Boundary Bay or trying out the newest burger joint.





Taylor's passion for carpentry and building homes began in high school when he started his pre apprenticeship. Since then, he has continued his carpentry studies at both BCIT and Kwantlen.  He has been as great asset to our team with his hard working attitude and passion for getting the job done right the first time.

When he isn't working on homes and fine tuning his craft, he enjoys spending his time working on cars and boats, fishing, or spending quality time with his son.  He finds going to work every day to be enjoyable because he truly loves what he does. 

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Trevor brings seven years' carpentry experience to the Wesgrove team in addition to his calm, collected, and hardworking manner.  He often spends his evenings after work at the Wesgrove shop creating various personal projects.  He also enjoys bike riding, on and off road, and has a passion for farming and being in nature.

One of his greatest senses of accomplishment comes from being a part of building someone's dream home.  He takes pride in his quality of work that will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come.

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Alex shares our belief that simplicity is the key to happiness, both in our personal lives and work.  He has been an important player on our team for the past few years and we appreciate his positive energy and eagerness to always work towards improvement and high quality results. 

He is an active member in his community, volunteering where he can to help others.  He also loves sports and adventuring outdoors on the weekends. He also believes in taking time to rest and recharge with family and a good new show on Netflix.

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Katharine has had a passion for interior design, architecture, and all things home design since she can remember.  After working in the real estate and interior environment industry for years she decided to join her partner, Jason, full-time in building their company - Wesgrove Homes Inc. 

Working at Wesgrove allows her to follow all of her passions as she handles the marketing, design, and office operations of the business all while working along side her partner and their office pup, Bowen.

When she's not in the office, Katharine enjoys travelling to new places, touring wineries in the Okanagan, and trying out new hikes in the lower mainland.

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Kevin has been in the construction industry for 8 years, primarily doing renovation work and is currently a 4th year apprentice at BCIT, hoping to complete his red seal within the next year.  Kevin is a great team player and has a keen eye for detail.  

Some of his hobbies include hitting the slopes in the winter, traveling to new countries, exploring and camping in the Pacific North West, and most importantly - pizza! 

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Having previously spent five years in commercial and residential construction, Mark has now found a home for his many skills at Wesgrove.  With experience in framing, concrete forming, green houses, and deck building, he has brought a wide range of valuable experience to our team. 

He has recently returned to Ladner after living abroad in England, Edmonton, and Vancouver Island, and is happy to say he does not plan on leaving BC again anytime soon.  When he isn't working, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing tennis and golf, and spending quality time with his niece and nephew.

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With a background in human relations, training, and managing team members, Bowen is a huge asset to the Wesgrove team.  Although sometimes seen slacking in the office, taking naps, and stealing team members' lunches - he is an all around ray of sunshine and a positive influence on those around him.

He has a keen sense for picking the right person to join the team, and is always up for a midday pick me up at the local beach or park. Customer service is his greatest passion and he takes his job very seriously!

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