Firstly, communication is key. At Wesgrove we believe in asking several questions, listening to our client’s dreams and goals, and reviewing our plan in detail with them prior to beginning any working relationship or contract.

Secondly, learn about the differences between “fixed cost” and “cost plus” contracts and discuss it upfront. Many contractors will sign clients on a base “fixed cost” contract without in depth investigation into possible additional costs, additional hours that may arise, or with a lack of communication in the agreed upon work. All of these variables can add additional costs that would be added throughout the project, skyrocketing your budget. At Wesgrove, we sign the majority of our projects on a true, fixed cost basis. To learn in detail about our process, click here.

So, what does “fixed cost” at Wesgrove really mean? The price agreed upon and signed off on prior to beginning any work is the price you will pay at the end of your project. We provide a payment schedule outlining each payment throughout the duration of your project. The only factor that would adjust your price would be through a change order. This is discussed and signed off on by the client prior to the change order work commencing. This covers costs for additional work added by the client.

Where a “fixed cost” approach is not possible, projects would be signed in a “cost plus” contract. This is for projects where there are many unforeseeable conditions and variables outside of our control. We discuss all your options with you prior to signing. We strive to remain within our client’s budget and schedule through being highly detail orientated, doing our research prior to work commencing, and communicating thoroughly every step of the way.

Lastly, ensure your contractor is licensed, insured, and reputable. Word of mouth is everything in our industry and community. Renovating or building your home will likely be one of the greatest decisions you will make as it can be quite costly and time consuming. Trusting your contractor with your time and budget is something not to take lightly. At Wesgrove, the majority of our clients have come to us through word of mouth and referrals, which is the greatest compliment. You can read all of our previous reviews on Google and Houzz. 

How do you decide on the right contractor for your home? 

Bathroom Renovations

At Wesgrove, we work closely with our subcontractors and suppliers to bring our clients the best quality products and services for their bathroom renovation projects. Ensuring our clients get the best price, and the best quality, is very important to us.

We begin by setting up “Supplier Trips” for our clients to view all plumbing fixtures, tiles, and finishes in person prior to finalizing their contract. This allows them to pick and choose what fits best for their budget and style. From there, we work closely with our clients to fit their selections in to their budget, create a schedule and timeline for the project, and ensure all selections will create a cohesive design that will suit their needs and expectations. We have spent years streamlining this process to ensure it is an enjoyable and easy experience for a first-time renovator, or a seasoned flipper.

We also work out a schedule for bathroom renovations in stages to ensure your home is never without an operating bathroom, should you wish to live on site during the renovation. Our client’s comfort is our priority. We aim to cause minimum disturbance to your day to day living. Access to your personal schedule and specifications for your renovation are available to you at all times through our contractor / client shared online software so you’re always in the know.


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"Thrilled with our Wesgrove reno-facelifts to 2 bathrooms and kitchen. Couldn't have been happier with every aspect of the project-from initial consult to impeccable clean up. Fantastic and flexible staff, helpful ideas, constant communication and updates and above all first rate finishes. Would definitely work with Wesgrove again, with pleasure."

- D & A
  Ladner, BC

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