Wesgrove, Our Story

January 31, 2020

wes / west coast, seasoned and strong, a sense of direction

grove / a group of trees planted closely together, a collection, a shelter


Three years into business, nearly to the date in which we bought our website domain under “Wesgrove”, we realized that we have never officially told the story of how Wesgrove was dreamt up and the story behind it all.  So, here we go!

After working in residential construction for nearly ten years, in roles from carpenter through to project manager, founder and owner of Wesgrove, Jason, finally put pen to paper and drafted up what would be his business plan and mission statement.  This idea of venturing into self-employment and creating a business that he felt proud of was a dream of his for nearly his entire working life, and he was finally ready to jump in.

As many of you may know, being an entrepreneur is composed of the “highest of highs”, and occasionally, some hard to swallow “lows”.  Expenses, hiring a team, building relationships with other trades, and of course delivering a product that meets your expectations takes time, energy, and a lot of patience.  But through every step and hurdle, Jason reminded himself of our mission statement, values, and ethics and held strong through the tempting “easy ways out” that wouldn’t match our core beliefs.

So what is our brand all about and what are these values and core beliefs?  The name “Wesgrove” is derived from the words “West” and “Grove” which both have a close connection to Jason, and the ethics that he wished the company would encompass.  West, was chosen for our love of everything West Coast, our home, and the inspiration and love that we find in nature.  It’s the Sunday morning hikes in the summer, the storm watching in winter, and the beauty in the raw materials we use every day.  We’re not sure Wesgrove would have been founded if it weren’t for our love of the outdoors here on the West Coast.  Grove, the later part of our name, pays another tribute to our love of trees and nature, and also the idea that the homes we build will create a “grove” over time.  A strong community and connection to one another.  It is also a nod to the street in which Jason grew up on, Grove Avenue.  These two words together embody our passions, our history, and our vision for the future of the company. 

Our vision is to encompass the West Coast energy and durability in everything we do while creating a sense of home, security, and beauty in each space we create.

Creating a business, hiring employees that align with your vision and ethics, and creating a product that we can be proud of has not always been easy but it has definitely been rewarding. 

If you have any questions about starting your own business, or about Wesgrove, send us a message!  We’d love to hear from you.

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